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New GW Web - Printable view of emails

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10 months ago

We've begun migrating our users over to using the new GW Web over the legacy WebAccess.  Some features we know are missing, such as signature and proxy support.  However someone brought a new one to us today and it's a bit of a showstopper.  They said they can't print an email, there's no printable view and pressing ctrl+p in the browser will not give a printable copy of an email.  Sure enough, they are correct.  You can't print an email from GW Web.

Not sure how hard it is to implement this, but it's something that needs to go on the list.


GW Web
  • I submitted this idea in December of 2019 after asking for the feature during the initial beta, both avenues of feedback fell on deaf ears.

    Maybe now that GW has a new pm...there may actually be some care and attention to detail put back into the product that has been missing for a very long time.

  • The old web access still works against 18.3 - I'm running it that way, although I do have it on older servers running just web access and nothing else, so no need to upgrade to 18.3 on them.

    I have one server running 18.3 Web Mail, but can't do SSO from NAM, and other missing features / annoyances mean that like others I'm not ready to move to it completely yet. 


  • I can guarantee you there are plenty people reading and listening.
    However, only PM can deliver relevant statements.

    I am sure they will react as soon as they can.

  • I'm not sure anyone is listening.  Unfortunately GroupWise keeps falling farther and farther behind the competitors, it's getting increasingly hard to justify to our users and management when the feature gap between GroupWise and competitors keeps growing wider.

  • it is sad that such a basic function is not available in the new web access especially since the old Webaccess is no longer available in 18.3 (I know we can work with old WA 18.2 against 18.3 GW-System)
    Neverless that's one of our reasons not upgrading our prod-system to 18.3

    I've complained this in 2019 already in the tech preview vibe forum.....
    Sometimes it feels like noone is listen when there will be reported such topics.