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Proxy - Auditing

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Waiting for Votes
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over 6 years ago
As a Proxy User I want a notification when a proxy user enters mailbox and makes changes so that I can audit what information was changed and by what proxy.
  • In our industry auditing is becoming a major requirement across the board. We to need a deltailed solution.
  • There are some ideas here dealing with the need to have better administrative roles too. So these are three enhancement requests really: Administrative Roles, Administrative Auditing, and what this idea here originally is about, user/mailbox auditing.
  • I need to be able to audit who in my organization is disabling the message retention flag on mailboxes. Of course, what I *really* want, is to take away the rights to modify the message retention flag unless one is a member of an auditor's role. But auditing would be better than nothing; and if it's a quicker win for Micro Focus to alter the logging processes than to create a whole role based security system, I'd like to see auditing processes worked on.
  • Quite frankly: Groupwise has zero auditing features anywhere. While this might be nice to have, I can't help but realize that this would be way far down the list. To start, someone would have the will to add auditing to groupwise at all.
  • any news? we need to be able to audit proxy access and what a proxy has done. This is critical.