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Simplify the GroupWise Address Book [User Enhancement]

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Using: GroupWise 18+

Our GroupWise users, including power users, express frustration with the GroupWise Address Book(s).

Our primary enhancement idea: We would like the option of having ONE Address Book for users to see and manage by default.

This list consolidates our Help Desk entries for GroupWise Address Book user issues. Specifically;

- The existence of the GroupWise System Address Book - can we give admins the option to delete/hide this completely from our users? Integrate these entries into the User Address Book where the system entries can not be deleted?

- The existence of the Frequent Contacts Address Book - can we give admins the option to delete/hide this completely from our users?

- Make it so that the primary User Address Book can not be deleted. They can add others like they do now.

- Name Completion Search Order; The inconsistent and somewhat cumbersome find/search both when opening Address Book in GroupWise windows client and when addressing emails, tasks, appointments. I know this has been fixed before, but the complaints persist and usually it's related to the Frequent Contacts issues that were sort of fixed with GW14.x. (Users: where is this bad email address coming from? I searched the address book, it doesn't appear so I know I deleted it everywhere! Help Desk: no sorry, you forgot frequent contacts, I don't know why your search failed, but manually searching all 1683 entries I found it.)

- It seems adding Address Book entries could be simplified as well. I'd like to show the user only the bare minimum number of fields and let them edit details later. Like: first/last email phone perhaps. 

Please note: We are aggressive with our maintenance practices for the entire GroupWise system and this includes Caching mailbox maintenance. We always provide real training to our users. The Address Books are just a persistent help desk and training nag.


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