Idea ID: 2779037

Store Attachments in Filr as an option

Status : Delivered
over 6 years ago
As a GroupWise User I want an option to store attachments in Filr as a link so that recipients can always see the latest version of the file

Acceptance Criteria
Primary Success Scenario:
1. When sending an attachment have the option to save the attachment into Filr
2. When sending an attachment have the option to link to an existing document in Filr
3. Share rights are automatically created in Filr so all recipients can view the file
4. Recipients are able to click the link in the email and view the attachment
  • Filr integration is now available in the shipping version of 14.2.2
  • Is some thought going into how Retain would cope with situations like this?
  • I believe we will get the first iteration of this feature in 14.2.2 release scheduled for 1H 2017. If it does not make that release it will be in the Wasatch release.
  • This seems like a great idea. Tie Micro Focus' products together and leverage the strength of each. If users can use storage from Filr to store attachments and then send them in a linked fashion to the user on the other side that would enhance both product utility. The option should also be given(if the user has the rights to do so) as in #3, to set that the file could be accessed by anyone who has the link(public) or only by the users who are recipients of the email. This is a killer feature. I know there are technical hurdles to overcome with this but I have a feeling that this would drive use of both GroupWise and Filr.