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webmail email preview

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over 5 years ago
In GroupWise webmail you need to open each email to view its contents. A preview panel that displays the email body as you scroll the messages would increase productivity. This would reduce the amount of time to find the email you are looking for as subject lines are often repetitive and don't provide enough data on their own.


  • It's really essential and basic function
  • Absolutely agree with other user's ideas here. Please add the mail message preview panel mode into GroupWise webmail ASAP (just like we already have it in your excellent GW client for Windows). Check the Gmail webmail for example: they also have this option and they called it 'split panel mode'. That proves it is possible to include the vertical preview panel in webmail. We are corporate/business users and we are your customers of GroupWise, but your almost useless webmail that doubles our time needed to open and read each message (while using webmail on the laptop out of the office) makes no sense for business use and makes me ask myself why you even decided in the very start to create GW webmail without the preview panel, and even worse than that, you still keep this issue unchanged for years, which obviously seems like you don't plan to include it even in future. Please prove that I am wrong with my conclusion. Thank you.
  • Still not implemented... This is not rolling in your favour!
  • Email preview is a MUST HAVE!!! Dear developers make it happen soon, every client had this feature since inception...
  • I agree with Mario P. It is a frequent request by the users of our organization.