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Why it makes sense for GroupWise to integrate with Nextcloud

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Waiting for Votes
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It would make sense to have integration points between GroupWise and Nextcloud in a way (but not limited to) Vibe/Filr/Teamworks integrate into GroupWise for accessing documents and sharing without attaching a document to an email. Customers are -not- happy the way GroupWise-Vibe-Filr integrate and demand a rich and flexible collaboration solution which Nextcloud already is. Then, Nextcloud lacks a rich email-calendar system so combining these two would allow GroupWise to enter a growing marktet Nextcloud is part of. It's obvious to customers MF is not able to bring such a collaboration platform and replacing Teamworks with Nextcloud (which could be in partnership between them and NC) in the Enterprise Messaging Suite would bring a host of features for on premise and cloud hosted environments. For example Retain can be leveraged for archiving Nextcloud and the Secure Messsage Gateway can be leveraged for scanning it's content. Integrating Nextcloud for that will bring the strong points of both companies together in one solution. Then, MF can focus on enhancing it's email and calendaring system and not be longer distracted by developing just-another-teaming-system (imo their weak point). As Nextcloud is a FOSS solution making these integration poinst should be rather easy and does not require a partnership with NC (that would only be needed from a support perspective).

To start off, I suggest:
- Create integration points between GroupWise and Nextcloud (like Teamworks and Filr integrate). This allows GroupWise and MF OWS customers to leverage Nextcloud as their teaming platform. Cusomers if they want can use the free version of Nextcloud of have a subscribtion with them for support. GroupWis client/WebAcc/apps need access to content in NC, be able to save content there and sync contact, calendars to/from NC. As NC can also handle the email, this would allow us to save/archive email as part of a team or project in NC. This is really where customers are looking for!
- Second (I would) replace Teamworks with NC as part of the EMS so customers as part of the EMS get access to a supported NC (which obviously reuires a partnership between MF and NC). Beside the integrations already mentions cucstomer should be able to archive content from NC in Retain and leverage SMG for NC security.

Integrating NC into GW and/or making it and integrated part of the EMS solves these mentioned issues and (for those whe need it) could solve flat-filesystem integration in an elegant way leveraging Filr mentioned here

The combination of GroupWise/EMS, Nextcloud and Content Editor (Collabora/LibreOffice online) solve many issues customers face today.


As part of the migration to the (yet again a) new idea portal votes (8 in the last 15 days) and comments on the idea have been lost, for the record I reflect those here:

----- Boorsma -----

As an engineering design company and need to share a lot of frequently large documents add (CAD) drawings with our customers, which they sometimes need to adjust, which frequently travel by mail of 3th party sharing systems. As an long time OWS customer we have looked at the options of using Filr and Vibe (even Teamworks as part of EMS) and those just do not fit our business due to the lack of integration with GroupWise and each other. We are looking at Nextcloud as an alternative, then this lacks GW integration. Having such integration would secure the investments we have made in GroupWise (OWS), Retain and Reload and would even make a move to EMS an option. Not only we want to save and share documents in out Nextcloud system, also emails as part of a project driven workflow we are aiming at.


----- Mario V -----

At our company we are looking at a possible move to NextCloud. Why? Pretty simple, almost all other solutinos are closed and committed to one company and we don't have the option to host our data on-premise. Not to mention GDPR rules that are broken ...
We're at the starting point of setting up a first base NextCloud environment to experience what it can do for us. We are in need of systems that are more intuitive for our end users and more of this day and age. I really like GroupWise, especially in the backend, but I can really see why users dislike the GUI. It's just lacking what a groupware system in this day and age needs. Things are getting a bit better with the new webacces GUI, but still, the desktop GUI is the main problem.

So, we support this idea and we really hope that MF will nog just wait until this idea gets enough votes but just see from a business view that GroupWise is seriously dying and something needs to happen!!!


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