How to disable GWAVA 6

I need to turn GWAVA 6 off for a bit to see if it might be causing outbound relay mail

If you could provide the steps I would appreciate it.

Can it be done using the GUI?




  • It has been a while since I was on GWAVA 6, but I am fairly certain there is a module status page where you can shutdown and start all the services.  Or you could just open a command prompt to the server and issue "rcgwavaman stop" (and then use "rcgwavaman start" when you are ready to bring things back up).  This will of course stop any mail that is flowing through gwava.

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    Thanks for your reply.

    I guess what I was asking for was to stop all scanning so nothing would be blocked because I think somehow
    Gwava may be blocking my relayed mail.

    If I use rcgwavaman stop that would shutdown everything right?

    I just don't won't to filter anything

    Thanks for your input

  • I misunderstood your initial post.  "rcgwavaman stop" will completely shut down Gwava and mail flow will stop completely.  I don't have access to Gwava 6 anymore, but I don't think it has a one-button "stop filtering" option.  You would most likely have to make some configuration modifications and I don't recall which ones exactly.

    Have you tried using the Message Tracker to see what is going on with these emails?

    A thought about relaying...I setup SMG (formerly Gwava) to only send email from my GWIA.  If I have any devices that need to relay, I have them do so through my GWIA.  I only have internal devices that need to relay, so my GWIA is not exposed to the internet.