moving from gwava6.5 to SMG

As we move forward to upgrade our Antispam solution by upgrading to SMG in place of our existing Gwava 6.5, I have a few questions:

Our setup is currently running primary gwava server 6.5 configured for SMTP scanner. We also have secondary gwava server which we use for scanning Webaccess (WASP 2) and GMS (mobility) services for our Groupwise system18.0.2. We are advised not to go ahead with using gwava migration tool as it will cause a lot of confusions etc. Hence, decided to deploy a fresh SMG appliance. On a Groupwise primary domain server, there are multiple domain names configured to run with a single IP interface. Planning to test by configuring one single domain name to be scanned by SMG appliance while still running the existing Gwava 6.5 server running with other domains being scanned for smtp etc.

Can it be achieved ?
Will our WASP and GMS cease to work ..

would highly appreciate helpful ideas and suggestions