What's in the new SMG appliance update?

Here is a tid that contains important information and tips on installing the new SMG appliance update that was released last week.



  • If you want to check the responsible user for smg service: i.e. ps aux | grep smg

  • ...but what is actually "IN" the new SMG Appliance Update?  (...other than a change in the update procedure (via RPM))

  • 335052 - Added recognition of additional spam threat type to anti-spam filter
    329013 - Several security enhancements including requiring password validation when changing user settings
    324039 - Added new timeouts to SMTP interface for control over DATA command receipt timing
    324041 - Fix fingerprint test failing when MIME entity headers do not provide a filename
    250026 - Fix CIDR address issue
    229007 - Add SSL connection reporting for database connections
    228009 - Add IP address restriction option to smg-scanner REST server and add Modify SSL server selection option for smg-scanner REST server to clarify that non-encrypted mode is disabled when SSL is enabled
    222173 - Fix command injection vulnerability with DKIM
    81324 - Update to unzip library to fix scanner lockup
    Preparations to transition to package update process, including replacing online update page to refer to Appliance UI gadget
    Add ability to rename workbench node titles that have been set to a blank value, by pressing the F2 key

    Tha's all in the TID linked to by Pam Robello.

    So if I go into the SMG applaince page and click Online Update and it says it's registed and active then I should be okay to go ahead with the update right?



  • Andrew,

    As long as there is a list of fixes to be applied when you go to the Online update page.  If that page is blank, you will have to deregister and then re-register your appliance.


  • Thanks Andrew, I completely missed that!

  • And when will the update channel be available in SMT? Because right now, at least for me, it isn't.

  • If that page is blank, you will have to deregister and then re-register your appliance.

    Tried that! It didn't help.

  • I first "discovered" that we now needed to patch the underlying O/S when the "updates" screen (VAAdmIn console (:9443)) was very obviously telling me I needed an "Activation Key".  (...that caused me some confusion - as usual...)

    Anyway, is your screen completely blank with no prompt for activation?  Can you post a screen shot?

    Might you ALREADY be up to date?  Note there is a difference between the "update" and "upgrade" pages...  UPDATES are for the underlying O/S and UPGRADES are for the SMG product itself (as I've been told)...

    Not trying to be patronizing here, its just that there are three places for updates now (if we count the deprecated Update page from the admin console (:80))

  • I derigstered and went to the MicroFocus to get our license again. The long and the short of it is


    Give me a PEM file which I'm not sure how to put into SMG. 

  • The "PEM file" is the license for the SMG service itself.  It can be applied through the "admin console" (:80/:443) via System Management -> Licensing -> Add.

    An "Activation Key" is also required to keep the underlying O/S on the appliance up to date and it can be installed/managed through the "vaadmin console" (:9443) under the "Online Update" tab...

    Hope this helps...