Idea ID: 2871557

Add a way to submit false negatives back into the program.

Status : New Idea

The old GWAVA had this feature and it was removed when they changed providers.  It should definitely be added back in if at all possible.  The current method of submitting false negatives to support is not efficient at all.


  • While this is a great idea, the scope needs to be expanded.

    BitDefender assess IP addresses, spam, and malware. All of these assessments are subject to false negatives and false positives. To rectify any of these issues we must currently open a case with Micro Focus.

    This topic is discussed in further detail here: HAM/SPAM reporting for SMG 7 on SLES

    If certain messages are being incorrectly assessed we must deal with them using exceptions. Once that logic is in place, the message can be sent to the admin quarantine for further analysis.

    I would like to have an option to select a message from the quarantine, identify the issue, and have the message automatically zipped up and sent to Micro Focus so that any issues can be rectified.

    Kevin Boyle, 
    Knowledge Partner

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Yeah, I looked for one, but couldn't find one anywhere.  Hard to believe there isn't already one out there.

  • I swore we had a ham/spam submission idea request already, but apparently not, thanks for creating.