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Add ability to set a tag or warning on external mail

Status : New Idea

Ability to add a subject tag or an in-body text warning to in effort to make it obvious to the recipient the message originated from outside the organization.

Examples I've seen are [EXTERNAL] in the subject or a warning inserted in the top of the body/message. 

Our insurance carrier had this as a rating question for Cyber Security coverage. 


  • It was my understanding that the tag service doesn't track replies properly. Has that been addressed? (if it has, I'll attempt to not fork the conversation to how the 'documentation' for this product is severely lacking)


    As for adding a header item to leverage GW rule, I was under the impression that I can't admiratively define a rule across the org without another product. Not only does it need to be defined, but also locked to prevent users from making their own assessments of how it should work. 

    I'm happy to be incorrect here. 

  • It is always a advantage to read posts carefully. You did,  I did not!

    Yes, you are right, tagging will work for inbound mails. as mentioned before there are two services: Message Tag and Add Header Line.

    However it is easy to find out if a message is internal or external in your GroupWise client. I.e. you can add a rule to set a category, if Layoutname = Internet.

  • Sure, but  states they just want a tag added to inbound mails.  So I was just pointing out that this is possible now unless they have some additional requirements they haven't mentioned.

  • Hi Ken,

    my experience tells me, that Message Tag and Add Header Line are working for inbound mails but not for outbound items - especially if there is an additional service Quarantine.

    That's the reason for my case.

  • There is a Message Tag service in SMG that lets you rewrite the subject line of a message.  May not have all the flexibility you want, but it would give you the ability to add [EXTERNAL] to the subject line.  I have not verified how to prevent multiple rewrites from occurring on a message thread, but you might be able to check for [EXTERNAL] in the subject line to skip the rewrite.