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Add additional information to alerts!

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Add additional information to alerts or make alerts adjustable!

I.e I have received this alert:

Secure Messaging Gateway System Alert: GWAVA scan connection failure

An alert has been raised by a module on your Secure Messaging Gateway system.Please log in tothe Secure Messaging Gateway management console and review the alert page for furtherdetails.
This notification indicates that a problem has occurred at leastonce today.Further email notifications will be supressed until tomorrow, oruntil theapplication is restarted. It is important to review the alert pageson themanagement console to check if this problem is continuing.
Alert severity
Alert detail
The SMTP interface failed to connect to a GWAVA scan engine and scanning was not performed

But I am an alert target for 15, maybe 20 SMGs. So  I do not know which SMG alerted me!