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Automatic Deletion of Released Mails

Status : New Idea

# Problem

As  a user i want to keep my SMG system as "small as possible" and dont keep files for longer than needed.

We tend to send large emails a lot and these keep the smg system under heavy "storage-load".

A message which was successfull released should be removed directly instead of waiting for 30 days.

Due to the nature of large mails, sometimes these get blocked as false positive and block storage on the SMG-system.

# Idea

Make it possible to automatic delete messages once they have been released from the quarantine.

That way the amount of data in the QMS and on the system can stay in regular bases.


  • Yes!  We've just moved to SMG from SpamTitan, which had this feature, and really miss it.

    We also don't want a quarantine full of emails that have already been released to users, and this makes it easy to do that.