Idea ID: 2861114

Enable the processing of exceptions when attached to a child filter

Status : New Idea

Here is an example of what I mean.

filter exception.PNG

In this example, because the Restricted file attachments filter has a parent (i.e. a group or another filter), the exceptions attached to it are ignored. After conferring with the developer he has confirmed this is working as designed and acknowledged that the current implementation has some restrictions, this being one of them.

Of course, like many other things, this is completely undocumented.

The above example can easily be reconfigured to produce the desired result and that is what I did but the SMG Workbench is designed to permit complex if/and/or constructs by chaining filters and by specifying options as to how child filters are processed. In some cases it may be very difficult to achieve the desired result with the restrictions in the current implementation.

Even though the restrictions are undocumented, this change in behavior is considered a feature enhancement and will only be considered if enough customers vote for this idea.

Please vote.