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Enhance the version history details; Provide advanced notification.

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The Version History can be obtained from SMG and will eventually make its way into the documentation.

SMG Version history.PNG

This is the version history for recent version updates.

Version history 155-178.PNG

Customers do not have access to reported program defects. We do not know what they are let alone how we may be impacted by them. Very seldom are Technical Information Documents (TIDs) created to provide customers with information that is otherwise only available in the reported program defect. Often, the first we hear about these things is when we see a reference to them in the version history.


  • Sometimes there is a considerable time lag before the history appears in the documentation.
  • The defect identifier (GWAV-####) means nothing to customers except possibly to the customer who opened a case to report the defect.
  • The one line description doesn't begin to describe the issue or what may have been done to address it.



  • When a defect report has been created, publish a TID explaining the issue, its potential impact, and any possible workaround. Advanced notice of a defect that may impact our system is always appreciated.
  • Update the documentation or create a TID before the update goes public so we know what changes will be made before we update the system.
  • Update the TID associated with a specific defect to describe the corrective action that was taken.
  • If is is desirable to keep the version history to a single line, refer to the TID rather than the defect identifier so customers can understand any potential impact or benefit.
  • When an update provides a new feature or capability (GWAV-2501) document the feature. If it is undocumented and customers don't how it is supposed to work it is of little benefit. Without documentation describing how it is supposed to work customers are unable to determine if it is Working As Designed!



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    Also a security classification of the patch was beautiful. Is this a software fix for a bug inside a function or it is a fix for a security feature.

    And is the patch classified as (for example): critical/high/medium/low


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    • The version history is only available from the SMG appliance after the update has been applied

    A short "preview" is available via the "view updates" button on top of the page. But is has the same information like the release information after the patch. A more detailed information  would be nice.