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License expiration notification

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Already Offered
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over 1 year ago

SMG should display a warning banner and send an email notification to notify the administrator about license expiration.  The banner should start 30 days prior to expiration and be displayed at the top of the System Administration interface until the license is renewed or the banner is acknowledged.  An email should be sent 30 days prior to expiration and at regular intervals after that.

The current procedure is that SMG just silently stops filtering and passes email without doing anything.  This puts the organization using SMG at risk and is a horrible failure.  License expiration notification is very important!


  •   That is good news!  Is there any chance that it could at least include a 30 day notice?  10 days for first notice is really short.

  • This was actually reported and found to be a bug.  There is existing code to send out notifications and it wasnt working.  That has been identified and fixed and will be available in the next monthly release of SMG due at the end of Jan 2021.

  •   My license expires on Jan 6.  I took personal time from Dec 24 to Jan 3 so there was no way I was going to wait until Jan 4 to install my renewed license.  I installed it on Dec 16 and I never had a chance to see whether I would get a notification.

    10 days for the first notification is a very poor choice in my opinion.  There should be a 30 day notification at a minimum.  Or better yet, a user defined notification.

  • Hi Georg,

    as I know there is no license notification. I think I never received one. So this thread started as enhancement request.

    We are receiving alerts but no license notifications!

  •   the license expiration notices are sent 10 days out, 3 days out and on the date of expiration only. Depending on the the expiration dates, you should've received a warning mail.

    However as there are different "expiration dates" in each license file, when a expiration mail has not been sent the best way we could check is to have a look at the license directly.

    To continue investigation, if you already opened up a SR on this issue could you tell me the SR number, or if not could you open up a service request in the customer portal for this?