Idea ID: 2862001

Message Tracker must identify "Inverted node logic" filter hits.

Status : New Idea

This is an example of what might be configured on an outbound filter scan.

inverted node logic.PNG

  • The filter title and the description in the white box will be the same for each occurrence of the filter. Changing it on one occurrence will change it on all occurrences.
  • Either one or the other of these filters will be triggered: never both.
  • The Message Tracker currently records either filter hit as Email Address (special).
  • We will never know which filter was triggered.
  • It makes no sense to create a new filter with the same email addresses and have to maintain two separate lists just to be able to assign a different name to the filter.

The Message Tracker needs to distinguish between the two cases which triggered the filter, perhaps by recording <not> Email Address (special) for the second example.




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