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Option to return to recent version

Status : New Idea

There is a lot of discussion now that a new build brought in features which are not easy to handle. Because of lack of documentation or clear functionality.

Therefore that is the right moment to consider a roll back option. Maybe as simple as in Windows (sometimes simple) or manually like in Vibe. It's so easy to click on update but sometimes hard to live with its outcome.


  • Now we have a similar situation again - a build (195) causes less efficiency than an older build.

    But stepping back is not possible ...

  • I agree, which is why I voted for this idea.  But my point is that if MicroFocus had provided good documentation, you could have read it and made a better decision about upgrading.  Or at least been able to properly test it in a  lab environment without guessing and a bunch of trial and error.

  • As I mentioned before, Ken, a snapshot would not help in this situation.

    One of my customers updated Monday morning. It took some time to find out why his services (i.e. ticket service) could not relay via new version 178 (separate thread). If we would have returned to an old snapshot after some hours, then we would have lost our quarantine entries. This customer (government) receives sometimes hundred of mails within some minutes.

    (Especially in this case 178, it was a big mistake to set and use a default value without information and explanation. But that's another story and thread)

  • I understand  reasoning for this request.  Although I do take a snapshot before updating.  That is just standard practice so I can fall back if things really go haywire.  I think if we had decent documentation that actually explained what all the settings in SMG did, there would be less need for a built-in roll back feature.  Good documentation would enable administrators to make better decisions about upgrading.

  • Yes, but then you will some entries when you return ..