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Release must be more detailed: attachments,fingerprint restrict from release, SPAM allow

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

This must also be triggered correctly, when a user clicks "release" from digest; if the mail was quarantained because of  attachment or fingerprint a release must be forbidden, for SPAM it may be allowed .

Like the event-scope in GWAVA 6

Otherwise i can not give users the right to "release"; and if i cannot do that i as admin have to handle SPAM-release for all users


  • I only quarantine items that will not impact the system if users release them. If a message needs to be quarantines but might impact the system if a user were to release it you can do it with this:

    Admin Quarantine
    The Admin Quarantine service sends messages into the Quarantine system under administrator rights. Mail which has been quarantined will remain in the Quarantine system for 30 days by default. Normally, users are able to release messages from their own quarantine, however, the admin quarantine only allows users with administrator rights to release these messages.

    NOTE: End users do not see these Admin Quarantine messages in their own Quarantine.