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SMG needs to support AUTH LOGIN

Status : New Idea

AUTH LOGIN provides the ability for clients to authenticate to an SMTP server.

AUTH LOGIN was supported in GWAVA 6.5 but support was not provided in SMG.

Some SMTP servers require clients to authenticate before they will accept email. If you want to use your SMTP server to send email to external email addresses, this is known as relaying. To prevent abuse from spammers, SMTP servers are configured to permit relaying only after the client authenticates (via AUTH LOGIN).

If your email app allows you to specify a username and a password and indicate that your SMTP server requires authentication, it will use that information to authenticate to the SMTP server using AUTH LOGIN.

If your mobile devices have been sending SMTP email to GWAVA or to your SMTP server (like GroupWise/GWIA), things probably have been working pretty much as expected.

If you upgrade from GWAVA to SMG or deploy a new SMG appliance to front end your SMTP server, this is what will happen:

  • During the SMTP handshake SMG will not advertise that it supports AUTH LOGIN ("220 AUTH LOGIN") and the client will most likely disconnect.
  • If the client attempts an AUTH LOGIN, SMG will return "500 Command unknown" and the client will disconnect.
  • In short, SMG will not accept SMTP email from your mobile clients!
  • If your clients don't try to authenticate, SMG will accept email for internal users only but, for most of us, that's not a workable solution.

This is an important feature that can severely impact certain customers and was provided in previous versions.

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Kevin Boyle, 
Knowledge Partner

Calgary, Alberta, Canada