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SMG Statistics is too poor

Status : New Idea

We are running SMG for some time now. Some of us some months, some of us even some years.

But statistics has not changed. I understand that this part was less important when SMG has been published and started. However now we have to prove how SMG performs.

This "Overview" window cannot be resized. So if I have added some additional statistics options for RBL, SURBL, SPF, Antispam confirmed and so on, I am not able to get/show the whole information, because Overview is not resizeable.

There are only two information screens: 60-minutes and 24-hours. But we have to show statistics for 7-days and 1-month. Old Gwava was able to deliver this information! Old Gwava was even able to send these statistics to an admin account!

Please change this poor information portal!