Installing GroupWise with a Secondary Domain on SLES 10

over 13 years ago


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I am looking for best way to install and set up a secondary domain (the primary domain is on NetWare 6.5) and WebAccess (without webpublisher) on a SLES 10 box."

And here's the reply from Tim Heywood ...


You need ConsoleOne to be installed to install GroupWise.

The order of things is like this: SLES10 (the default includes Apache and Tomcat4), then ConsoleOne, and then the domain.

The easy way is to use the ncpmount that comes with SLES10 to connect the Linux server with the NW and then use the C1 to create the new domain on the fly. This saves file copies, etc.

Lastly, you install the Agents and then WebAccess.


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