Nokia, Intellisync, and GroupWise Mobile Server

You may already be aware of Nokia's recent announcement to discontinue Intellisync development and, eventually, support. Intellisync is what we license and sell as GroupWise Mobile Server. There are two important facts you should know.

  • Novell is committed to continue offering innovative mobility solutions (including support) for all GroupWise users moving forward.

  • Nokia will offer support for Intellisync products for a period of two (2) years after End of Sale (EOS) date.

Meeting the needs of the collaboration market requires innovative mobility solutions, and Novell has a proven track record in this arena. We have led the market with secure, reliable and flexible mobility solutions in the past. And our commitment to do so in the future is not impacted by changes in the broader software landscape. As it has always been, our commitment is to evaluate, evolve and implement the best alternatives for delivering on our commitment to our customers and their mobility needs.


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