How to Access(Read), Share Blogs/RSS Feeds in GroupWise 8


It's becoming a daily routine for Internet users to read/update blogs to get the new Information/News about various domains.

RSS Feeds have gained in popularity in the INTERNET because of its capability, usage, etc.

Almost all domain sites publish their important and necessary information through RSS Feeds.

There are many RSS Feed Readers. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Web: Bloglines

    Simple two-pane interface, like email.

  • Mac OS X: NetNewsWire

    This elegant Mac-like aggregator is easy to use and powerful.

  • Linux: Liferea

    A simple Gtk newsreader.

One good solution to all of these readers is, instead of daily opening all of the blogs/sites to view the updated information, we can subscribe to the RSS Feeds in our GroupWise 8 client and see the latest content without actually going to each and every site through the browser.

In this article we will see some of the features of the GroupWise 8 Client.

How to use GroupWise 8 as an RSS Feed reader and how to share the the content and posts.

  1. How to Access the Blogs, News, etc. that have RSS Feeds:

    Step 1: Go the site or the blog (IE or Firefox), at the end of the url textbox you will see the RSS icon.

    For example: (go to the site and click on the RSS icon)

    If the icon is shown in Firefox or IE, it means the site has published RSS Feeds.

  • Click on the RSS icon.

    If the browser is capable of recognizing the RSS feeds, it will list the entries that are published for that blog / service / url.

  • Now go to the GroupWise 8 Client.

    Click on File > New > RSS Feed …

    Enter the details of the RSS Feed.

    Source: Enter the url that we have copied:

    Folder Name: Provide the name of folder where the blog posts should be stored.

    Update Frequency: This depends on how frequently the FEED will get updated and you want to view the recent changes.

    Enable "Trust HTML external images from this feed" to view the blog post in the HTML enabled content.

    After providing the necessary details click "OK". The GroupWise 8 client validates the URL and if it is valid it adds a New Folder (with the folder name we have provided) under the parent folder "GroupWise Feeds". The "GroupWise Feeds" folder is the default parent folder for all of the RSS feeds.

    Now we can see the Folder "Novell Cool Solutions" under GroupWise Feeds.

    All of the posts are listed as mail. We can see the author of the post in the "Name" column.

    To view the post, click on the item, the post will be visible in the "Quick Viewer ctrl Q"

    NOTE: To view the post in HTML Format (the HTML Content of the post) click on the "Display: Full page" which is on the right side of the quick viewer.

How to share the Posts / Blogs:

  1. Sharing the Posts:
    If you would like to share a post in the blog to other users, right click on the post and click on Forward (like a mail message), add the users you want to send the post to, then click SEND.

  • Sharing the entire blog:

    Right-Click on the blog folder (Novell Cool Solutions) and click Properties.

    Go to the "Sharing" options and select the users and press "OK".

    The client will send an e-mail to the users as "shared folder Notification". When the users accept it, then it will be an item for them in their GroupWise 8 client.

    If we want to personalize the blog post, it's possible as we do it for the mail message.


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