Continuous Pending Email Messages in GroupWise Sent Items

over 13 years ago


Recently one of my GroupWise users notified me that an email message of theirs just does not want to send. I noticed that the message had been pending for one day already. I tried a resend and it would not budge.

I turned to the GroupWise MTA logs and I noticed the following entries:

15:08:50 712 RTR: gd1: 0000a7b1.LZ4: Routing /grpwise/domain/mslocal/gwinprog/4/0000a7b1.LZ4 (541 kb)
15:08:50 712 RTR: gd1: 0000a7b1.LZ4 Priority 4 47C42B7D.173:184:5941 : Transfer to (domain name)
15:08:50 712 RTR: gd1: 0000a7b1.LZ4: File saved as /grpwise/domain/wpcsout/problem/47c42b82.mta

The WPSCOUT/Problem folder is where problem messages are kept and will not be sent, unless you move them out of the wpcsout/problem folder to the agents folder. Still, you run the risk that the email messages can be dropped back into the wpcsout/problem folder.


I instructed the user to delete the pending email messages from 'All Mailboxes' within the GroupWise Client and to recreate it. To save him time, I copied the body text of the email before deletion to Windows Note Pad to clear any hidden formatting and pasted it back into a newly composed email.

The message, once stuck, now swiftly left his Sent Items folder.


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