GWDR for new OES2018.2/SLES server migration

I found documentation for Reload 4 ( on how to migrate GW to a new server using Reload.  Is that still possible or recommended?  I have a GWDR vm running and backing up a GW 18.1.2 OES2015.1/SLES11.4 vmware vm.  The goal is to migrate GW to a new vm running OES2018.2/SLES12 with a fresh NSS volume for the GW data.  In the past I have used dbcopy and/or rsync but was curious if GWDR is useful or better in this migration scenario.





  • I would imagine it is possible.  Years ago (prior to virtualization) I had a major hardware failure on a GroupWise server.  We failed over to our Reload server while I rebuilt the GroupWise server.  Then we restored the GroupWise server using the Reload data and switched back.  But I did all that with tech support assistance.  Quite honestly, I would recommend the rsync method.  It is much simpler in my opinion and more people are familiar with the process.

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    Hi Brad,

    As Ken says, it should be possible however I would still recommend either DBCOPY or RSYNC.  Having said that, tho, I am checking with one of our backline guys to see what his thoughts.  Once I hear back from him, I will let you and Ken know.


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