Certificates for the Web-UI

My initial installation of GWDR 18.1 was without certificates. I use the collector/server model.

Now I want to set up the certificates for the Web-UI. I read the documentation page 11. WTF?!?

This kind of documentation is ... useless. I was connected from a remote browser and click on 'Choose Certificate File'. Then I get a file picker with a location at my local computer. I choose the certificate and see the file name of the certificate is now visible at the Web-UI.

Is the certificate now uploaded? (BTW: No, it is not uploaded. But I found the key (without certificate) in /opt/beginfinite/reload/license/ ??) If it is uploaded, where is it? This is the collector at a cluster resource. So it should be copied to the cluster resource.

Where I get this information?What is the proper way to configure the certificates on a cluster/collector?

I hope this are problems that are based on my poor english or tumbness. But if not ...