Retain backup do not work anymore


GWDR2018 do not work with sles15


my showstopper:

the ../reload/<Post Office Dir>/blobs/offiles directory is inconsistent

made  a lot of checks against the real post office directory on the POA server

my suspect is that the smart purge do not work,

there are much more files in the blobs/offiles then in the real post office offiles directory

verified that this this is not only the retention of the oldest backup in:

backups/weeknow/<month name day number>/offiles

i found tons of files that in the real life post office has been deleted months ago


sorry for the bad news guys, but i don't want to pay a cent anymore for this product

i had before we introduced GWAVA Reload a bunch of own scripts with dbcopy commands running through our central scheduler in the backup software, i will go back to them porting a few ideas coming from the Reload solution


the whole bunch of additional features like the enablement of a post office for address book restores and even worse a real disaster scenario has been tested some time ago in a Proof Of Concept project with the help of an external consultant without big success, too many unanswered questions like the fallback to live post office procedure and a couple of other considerations, like all this nice buttons for the automation of steps that do not work as expected

  • Verified Answer

    The 18.0 release of Disaster Recovery only supported SLES 11 and SLES 12.  However with the 18.1 release in February 2019 support for SLES 15 was added.   We have mad a lot of improvements to GWDR over the last couple of releases in terms of Security,  UI and features and continue to release new versions with updates.