GWDR design for 60 PO servers

Hello Forum Members,
I have to design a GW backup solution with GroupWise Disaster Recovery 18 for my customer. Please read my config and help me answer the questions on the bottom of the post.


GW 2018 SP1 on SLES11 SP4 on vmware
Two datacenters connected with 1 Gbit LAN. Datacenter has 10Gbit ethernet connection inside.
There are about 30 GW PO servers in each datacenter, so 60 GW PO servers in total.
Each GW PO server has a 1 TB mail volume on SAN, so there are maximum 30 TB of data to be backed up on each datacenter. Total sum of 60 TB.
There are about 30 domains spread on the GW PO servers.

The backup infrastructure should be separated from the live infrastructure. This means that GWDR should have separate servers (not on the vmware where the live servers are) and separate storage (not the storage where the live data is). Customer is willing to buy new hardware.
Backups should be stored in two places, aka two copies from each backup.
Daily backups during the nights, keep (at least) 7 days of backup. Keep 1 backup from each month for a year, and yearly backups for 10 years. (aka GFS rotation)

As far as I see:
Customer will need at least two new servers, one for each site. 10 Gbit ethernet is preferred for LAN connectivity, and SAN adapters for the new storage.
They also need a two new storages, one for each site. NearLine disks, big capacity storage, optimised for write operations. According to documentation 2,5 times the size of the online database for 14 days of backup, so 30 TB * 2,5 = 75 TB at least for one side. Then they would like to cross replicate the backups, so one side should have at least 150 GB. ( 20% free for optimal performance, so 180 TB)

As far as I know, one GWDR instance can have a maximum of 40 backup jobs configured. Is this limitation still there? How many simultaneous backups can run? Are these two servers enough to do a backup of every PO and domain within a 4 hour backup window or should I add more GWDR servers to speed up the backup? How many CPU and memory should have one GWDR server? I plan to add at least 16 GB and 4 cores so it can run as a DR server for at least two GW POA servers.
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