When do Blueprint jobs run

Hello Forum Members,

the question is pretty simple. When do Blueprint jobs run? How can it be scheduled? There is nothing in the documentation about this. Should the job run on the Collector or on the Paired side?




  •  Hi Gellert,

    as far as I know there is no schedule. Except if you do it manually feeding your cron. 

    My experience is that I see some instability around when Blueprint happens. One of my clients has 9 postoffices but Blueprint works only for three (SR has been opened for this). Another customer has three postoffices - Blueprint works only for one postoffice two others will filled with 0 values reports. If I run Blueprint reports manually I will receive valid values (SR is open, Bug is open).

    I really want to use Blueprint because these reports are so useful. I.e. how much space is occupied by entries older than 2 years. In combination with Retain really helpful.