GWDR and Icinga

Hello Members,

I am in the process of terminating our old backup solution for GW and move to GWDR. Everything is set up, GWDR works fine for many weeks now.  The old backup was based on dbcopy and custom scripts. At the end of the script, there was a check whether the backup was successful or not, and the result was sent to the central Icinga monitoring system. This was very convenient, because my team (and everybody else) was informed of failed backups right in the morning through the central monitoring. We were only informed about the failed backups, so if there was no problem, we did not get notified at all. I would like to have a similar feature for GWDR. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to start a custom script after a successful backup. Does somebody have an idea how to accomplish this in a proper way? If not I still can parse the po.event.log for "FINISHED JOB ID: 1026 FOR PROFILE: XXX", but this wont be event based, but a scheduled task and I prefer event based monitoring if possible.