Check the GroupWise Disaster Recovery Support Forum Patches Section to see if a newer version is...


if trying to check if i'm on the latest version of gwdr i'm landing here:


following the link you land here:

where can i see here if a newer version is available???

tnx for any help! gerald

  • Pressing the Upgrade Now button in step two will check if a new version is available and perform the update.
    Clicking on the link above with take you  to a support landing page where they can select the product (GWDR), login, and see what is available if they wish to prior to upgrading.
  • Thanks for jumping in here Mike.  I had started to reply and got interrupted and never finished it.  It would be great if GW Disaster Recovery had a similar feature to GW SMG.  It is really nice how SMG will show you the list of available updates.  I created an Enhancement Idea for it here:

  • hi bill!

    tnx for your reply.

    # will step 2 perform the update immediately, if any new version is found, or will the admin be asked "hey, there is a new build, you are on version XX, the available update would bring you to version YY. are you sure you want to do that now?"

    # the thing with the "support landing page" is, that i was not able to find there any patch-infos on a per build-base neither, nor what is the latest build actually, - though logged-in.
    many tnx for any hint, where to find this info!

    regards! gerald