Do you have success with Blueprint?

I use Reload at many customer sites. Overall I am pretty satisfied with its stability and functionality.

However Blueprint causes problems in most installations. Sometimes Blueprint will not start, sometimes they never end and many cases delivered results are zeroed.
(Installing GW18.3 can cause even more problems for Blueprint)

I have opened a few cases - none of them has been solved. Some of them are similar to Sleeping Beauty.

  • There has been no reply or reaction so far.

    Therefore I have to assume that nobody uses Blueprint ...

  • At one time I thought it was a separate cost from GWDR.  I'm not sure if that is still true or not, but I have never gotten around to implementing it.  Too much else on my plate.

  • If Blueprint is working, then it is a wonderful tool to present health of GroupWise. It is more or less a gwcheck delivering a graphical view.

    One of the main reasons why I want to use it, is Retain. I use Retain to minimize GroupWise. Over the years GW has grown to a huge bundle of information. Retain offers a possibility to move mails and more to a different store. So GroupWise becomes smaller and agile again.

    Blueprint offers a check to find out the right time frame for this 'move' project. You can ask Blueprint how much data is older than 90, 365 or 730 days. This information helps me to create Retain jobs if I want to archive and afterwards delete items in GroupWise. I.e. one customer has decided that old data older than 2 years will be deleted in GroupWise if it is present in Retain archive. Blueprint helped us to decide.

    However Blueprint will deliver much more value and helps to keep GroupWise healthy.

  • Just to get an impression what Blueprint delivers ...

    Overview post office

    Blueprint 1.JPG

    List of users
    Blueprint 2.JPG

  • Hmm,

    it seems that I have partial success. If you install GroupWise build 137669 on your Reload server, then gwchecks will run successfully; Blueprint is based on gwchecks. There is a known problem for GroupWise timestamps, which seems to be solved with build 137669.
    Blueprint will end successfully and deliver statistics if I start them with "blueprint job start %profile_name". Some more information will follow if automatic Blueprint will be successful too.

    This build is available at the beta site for the new GroupWise web client. If you do not have success to this Vibe workspace, then open a case to get a FTF.

  • Automatic Blueprints will deliver zeroed vales - a bug and case which is open for more than 6 months on my side.

    Manual Blueprints will work ...