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Backup Pains

“We backup our system, but restoring data from our backup is just too painful.”

Backup solutions in general are seen as a necessary evil. For many System Administrators the difficult parts are the following pain points commonly associated with backup solutions:

  1. Implementing and using a backup is often a time consuming process

  • Infrequent use of the backup solution makes it difficult to do regular testing of the system.

  • Using the backup system for disaster recovery purposes is difficult to simulate, or even implement, in the case of a disaster recovery event.

Because backups are so difficult to work with, System Administrators and end-users have often been conditioned for this fact: “We have a backup, but we don’t want to use it because it will take too much time and effort to test and use it.”.

Gee! Sounds a lot like a high-deductible health insurance plan…..expensive and functionally useless, except for in extreme situations!

A Restore Friendly Backup

Reload is a superior restore solution . . . and a superior backup solution.

Backup solutions are only backup solutions. Reload is a restore and a backup solution. In fact Reload is the best backup solution for GroupWise because only Reload can assure that all items are backed up. It does this by integrating with the GroupWise SmartPurge API. In a nutshell, a user cannot remove an item from their mailbox until that item is backed up by Reload.

Where Reload really shines is in how easy it is to restore data. Reload integrates with the built-in feature of GroupWise called a Restore Area. The end result is that users can restore items all from the convenience of a few clicks in their GroupWise client. Nothing is installed to the GroupWise client, and users do not need any special rights to the backups on the Reload Server. If the user is using the GroupWise WebAccess Client or a Caching client connection, the administrator can perform mail restoration from within GroupWise Administrator.

End-User Self-Service

“Auto-Reload” means users can access the latest backup all by themselves

That’s no joke! Reload has a feature called “Auto-Reload.” With this feature enabled, the most current backup is made available to users automatically. Very often, users need items back from the most recent backup, so in these cases, end-users don’t even need to contact the System Administrator. They can service themselves by selecting File | Open Backup from within the Groupwise client.

Restoring a GroupWise Address Book

Imagine restoring a GroupWise address book in just a few minutes

A GroupWise Restore Area has one limitation. GroupWise personal address books cannot be accessed from a GroupWise Restore Area. So if you ever need to restore a personal address book for a user, Reload has a simple solution. When you choose a backup to access, Reload will immediately load a GroupWise POA on the Reload Server that you can point a GroupWise client to.

From the client that is accessing the backup on the Reload Server, the GroupWise address book you want to restore can then be exported to a .nab file with ease. That exported .nab file can then be imported back into the user’s live account

Push-Button Disaster Recovery

1. Push a button 2. Switch a DNS entry

This feature of Reload is what brings peace to CXOs and system administrators all over the world. When you have a disaster, the only thing to do in Reload is to push a button to bring up a live post office or domain on the Reload Server. Furthermore, you can test disaster recovery at anytime, without taking down your production GroupWise system.

Best of all, since it is so easy to restore items from Reload, you are also testing your Disaster Recovery solution every time you use Reload. The reason is that the data you are accessing each time you restore data from the Reload Server is exactly the same data that you would be using in a disaster recovery event in GroupWise.

Other Notable Features in Reload for GroupWise

No Downtime Needed: Reload gets a 100% complete backup, with absolutely no data loss or downtime.

Hyper-Compression: Store two weeks of daily backups with only 2.5 times the total size of the post office on the Reload Server. So, for example, a post office that is 100 GB in size would take 250 GBs in disk space on the Reload server to store 14 backups of the post office.

Super Fast Backup Speeds: Every Reload backup is effectively a complete copy of the post office, on the Reload server. However Reload only needs to replicate and store about 12% of the size of the post office with each backup. Reload also backs up components of the GroupWise Message Store via multiple threads that backup a post office simultaneously to one another. Between these two unique design aspects to Reload, Reload’s post office backups are super fast when compared to other backup solutions.

Freeze Backups

So that a specific backup doesn’t expire, you can freeze a backup for usage when you have the time you need to use that backup.

Tape Backup Integration

Reload integrates with tape backup solutions by creating a single TAR file that represents every post office backup for the entire week.

QuickFinder Resolution Agent

Reload can detect when a user’s mailbox search indexes need to be rebuilt. Reload can then request that the production POA rebuild all the QuickFinder indexes for that particular user.

Triple Replication and Offsite Backup

Reload allows for a post office or domain backup to be replicated to multiple locations, specifically Reload allows for backups to be replicated to three other locations.

It Just Works: Reload for GroupWise customers universally say that Reload just works! A simple consolidated e-mail is sent once a day to the system administrator so that they know the status of all backup profiles on the Reload server.

Reload’s reliability and broad set of features make Reload a true asset to CIOs, system administrators, and GroupWise end-users alike.

Check out some Reload for GroupWise specs.


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Success Stories

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