Special GroupWise Pricing for Security & Archiving

over 4 years ago
I am sure you are all aware that Micro Focus acquired GWAVA.

I don't normally want to use this blog/forum for strictly marketing messages, however I do feel this message is important and I want to make sure everyone is aware of some special promotions that are happening now to celebrate this acquisition.

This acquisition allows Micro Focus to offer you valuable solutions that complement GroupWise. Our holistic solutions now include:

  • Messaging security with GWAVA

  • Web Access Security with GWAVA

  • Archiving with Retain

  • GroupWise Backup & Disaster Recovery with Reload for GroupWise

  • Archive Backup & Disaster Recovery with Reload for Retain Archiving

  • Added insight and reporting functionalities with products like BluePrint, Redline, Reveal and Vertigo

Special Upgrade Promotion for Existing GroupWise Customers

Micro Focus is running a special promotion to trade in your current competing security and/or archiving products and replace them with Retain and/or GWAVA*.

From now until March 31, 2017, all current GroupWise customers receive special discounted pricing and trade in any competitor license for Retain and/or GWAVA. Even if you don’t currently have an archiving and/or an email security solution, you can still get the discounted pricing.

To take advantage of this offer, simply visit this page




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