GWDR, OES 2018 and NFS Server

over 1 year ago

Disclaimer:  The following information is provided to help with a GWDR setup.  Make sure you understand what you are doing and take the proper precautions.  I am not responsible for any problems that arise from using the following information.

If you run your GroupWise post offices on OES 2018 NSS volumes and you setup the NFS Server service per the GWDR documents, you may find that after rebooting your GroupWise post office server that your backups will fail.  This is because the nfs-server.service by default does not know that it needs to wait for the novell-nss.service to start.  A little research into systemctl and some troubleshooting steps will show this, but I thought I would provide this post to save time for anyone new to systemctl.  The following are all done at the GroupWise post office server (not the GWDR server).

Run "systemctl status nfs-server.service" after you boot the server and it will return failed to start.

Run "systemctl restart nfsserver.service" and then rerun the above command and all will be good.

The reason it worked the second time was because novell-nss.service was running when nfsserver.service started.  To fix this at startup, you need to modify the startup information for nfs-server.service.

Run "systemctl edit nfs-server.service"

The above command will enable you to create/edit a snippet file.   It should contain the following two lines of information:



Save this file and reboot your server.  Then run "systemctl status nfs-server.service" and you will see that the nfs services are running correctly.



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