NDPS Print Provider for netware - Error : Fault on Network

How can i solve this problem? I have it when a print to 2 xerox
printers in the same area.
If i print to another area but with the same type of printer than d'r
is no problem?

I 'am running Novell 6.5

  • daniel.van.der.voorn wrote:

    What patches are installed on the server?
    This is really running with NDPS and not iPrint right?

    And you don't have any other communication issues
    against this area. Network communication is just tip top

    Wen do need a bit more info on this, what type of printers,
    what gateway are they setup with? What version of the NDPS
    client and Novell Client on the box you're printing from?

    Are the printers setup the same way in NDPS in both areas?

    Niclas Ekstedt, CNA/CNE/CNS/CLS
    Systems Engineer/NSC Sysop
    Telindus Sweden AB