iPrint and Winsock error 10049


iPrint has been humming along quite nicely for the past year or so. We are a traditional NetWare shop, version 6.5sp7. The past two days two separate users could not print at all. Both are WinXP sp3. One of the users is a local admin, the other is not. Both of the problem desk tops would allow one of my higher eDirectory level user accounts to log in and print till the cows came home. The regular user could not (not even the local WinXP admin user). They both were seeing winsock 10049 and spoolsrv errors:

7/23/2009 - 11:10:43 AM
Module: spoolsv.exe
Trace Info: ippmain.c, line 15825, thread 00000650
Routine: IppInterpretUri - Bad URI (not HTTP, HTTPS, or IPP) - print.hjf.org
Error: HTTP - Bad URL supplied (not HTTP:, HTTPS:, or IPP:).

7/23/2009 - 11:10:43 AM
Module: spoolsv.exe
Trace Info: mytcp.c, line 296, thread 00000650
Routine: Failed to connect (10049)
Error: Winsock 10049 - Address is not available.

Both systems could ping and resolve the printers and my iPrint center of the world successfully, so I'm pretty sure my DNS is good.

To fix them, for one system we forced a new work station profile upon the user when she next logged in (we renamed her old profile directory so that a new one would be created), the other system (the one with the local Admin level account), effectively all we did was to upgrade the NW client from 4.91 sp4 to sp5. The non local admin user could not add a printer because of the winsock error. The local admin could add a printer, but when he printed the notification dialogue box reported that iPrint failed to print

All the rest of my users are printing just fine, for the past year (or the phone would be ringing off the hook), so I'm looking for a clue, before something happens to everybody else.

To my knowledge nothing new has been injected to the network. We are effectively locked down pending an Oracle upgrade happening next week. I have uploaded a couple of new drivers to the print system, but nothing drastic.

thoughts welcome,