iprint chokes on large print jobs from database - take 2

(first attempt didn't post... attached file too large?)

Okay, admitted noob here on the iPrint. I took the classes at BrainShare,
etc but have never worked with an active install of iPrint.

Second, I'm not the admin for this large database that runs this school

I'm seeing two problems, neither of which seems to occur when we do a
straight print via IP print.

First -- What seems to be happening is that the database runs a huge query
that might, or might not, created a large print job. Obviously, this
doesn't happen quickly. Sometimes, the user gets an iPrint print failure
notice before it starts to print -- a possible timeout issue? We're not
seeing any activity in the printer's associated queue (which is hosted in a
2-gig clustered resource).

Second, when we do get a huge report (ie, grade reports for 1500 students)
the job often restarts / fails (probably determined by the HP settings?) at
some point in the print job. We THINK that the attached IPPTrace was taken
during such a job.



Tim Wohlford, CNE

*******sample errors 1*********

[admin][spoolsv.exe][thrd=00000E00][ 334158437ms][NIPPNT:printer.c@3516] -

******sample errors 2***********

[admin][spoolsv.exe][thrd=0000099C][ 334709359ms][NIPPLIB:registry.c@5854] -
[admin][spoolsv.exe][thrd=0000099C][ 334709359ms][NIPPLIB:ippmain.c@16085] -
TrayJobRegister - notify not enabled
[admin][spoolsv.exe][thrd=0000099C][ 334714359ms][NIPPNT:printer.c@4352] -
WritePrinter called to write 65536 bytes
[admin][spoolsv.exe][thrd=0000099C][ 334714359ms][NIPPNT:printer.c@4453] -
WritePrinter - DATA DOESN'T FIT (buffLen = 64232 65536)
[admin][spoolsv.exe][thrd=0000099C][ 334714359ms][NIPPNT:printer.c@4464] -
WritePrinter - TRANSER (buffLen = 64232,added = 0)
[admin][spoolsv.exe][thrd=0000099C][ 334714359ms][NIPPNT:printer.c@4489] -
WritePrinter - FAILED (WriteChunkedJob failed)