Another NW 6.5 -> OES Linux iPrint Migration Question

Hello again,

I am using the following two Cool Solutions as references for our NW 6.5
to OES Linux print service migration:

Both documents refer to deleting the source, NW printer agents, and then
stopping the NDPS Manager and Broker.

In my testing it seems that if perform these steps in this order, the
printer is deleted from my client workstation, and that's that. When I
get the OES Linux Print Manager running, no new printer appears on my
client workstation.

If I reverse the order, and stop the Manager and Broker before deleting
the PAs, the printer on my client workstation show an error, but remains.
Then, once I get my OES Linux Print Manager running, the printer returns
to Ready, and all is good.

So my question is, are the documents inaccurate in their steps, or is
something else wrong on my end that I have to reverse the steps?

Thank you.