Printer agents status not bound

I setup a new OES2SP2/SLES10 (fully patched) cluster with iprint configured on NSS (/media/nss/Print)

After run de iprint_relocate script with the cluster option (only an error on the www and wwwrun object, i setup the rights manually further runs the script succesfull) i created a iPrintBroker and an iPrint Manager. They started and runs also succesfull.

When i create a new iPrinter Agent, the status of all new printers is always 'not bound' and the printer doesnt work.

No errors on the ipsmd.log and idsd.log. But the error occured int the /var/log/messages:

PSMLoadModule: the iPrint Manager was not able to exec Gateway module /opt/novell/iprint/bin/iprintgw for Printer Agent TST-PTR9.

anyone any ideas?
Thanks in advanced for the reply.
I have also an iPrintInfo run report, but it is to big to report it here.