Exception Reading Printer Control Errors?


We are having an issue with creating printers. We are getting "Exception reading printer control" and it also says "Attribute Could not be found:". The attribute varies depending on what tab in iManager you have selected. When I try to create the printer in iManager the printer never shows up on Print Manager. The object gets created in eDir but does not show on the Print Manager. So I then tried to create the printer with NWAdmin. I got errors as well but the printer did show up on the Printer Manager, however when I view the printer's properties in iManager I get the Exception reading printer control" errors.

Any suggestions?

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  • I checked the Other tab in the Print Manager eDir object and it does have two entries, one looks to be hex. I compared this to other Print Manager objects and they appear the same, in that they have two entries.


    As for the Print Manager health in Norm it is Green/Good. I don't see any error messages after the Print Manager loads but I will have to double check that. Other than the error messages is there any other way to determine if the Print Manager is having problems accessing eDir?

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