neues iManager-NPM (TID7016649)


I ask for the new iPrint-NPM announced in this TID exact as it is decscribed
in this TID.

e-mail to

Subject line: Need updated iPrint plugin to resolve hostname issue

But I get no answer. Any hints?


  • Bernd-
    Here are the details. To correct the issue please take the following steps:
    1) Download and copy it to a directory on the server
    2) Open a Putty session to the server running iManager and install the RPM , rpm -Uvh novell-iprint-management-6.7.0.noarch.rpm
    3) In iManager go to Configure (icon on top that looks like a guy at a desk), select Plug-in Installation and click the Available link.
    4) Locate and install the updated iPrint plugin
    5) Restart Tomcat, rcnovell-tomcat6 restart

    This should resolve the issue.
  • Hi Bob,

    thank you very much fot the Link and the detailed install description.