Canceling documents through Printers in Control Panel.

A little backstory first, so I work in an area where 30 users will all send documents to a printer all at the same time (i.e. a school). Now when one of these documents hangs one has to log into imanager and clear out the printer. then all of the users resend all of the documents again. This all seems very complex to do, but it gets the job done.

Now what I want out of my iPrint service, is the ability to use the built in print manager in windows to do this. this way all i do is open up a printer, right click on the trouble document and tell it to cancel, then the printer cancels it. We attempted to try and use this function, but when we click the item, iPrint comes back and gives us a rights error. Noone appearently has rights, even the superadmin. Does iPrint have this functionality, and if so, how would I enable it? Is there a specific verzion I need to be running on iPrint Client/Novell Client?

We are running Windows XP SP 3
Novell Client 4.95 SP 5
iPrint ver 5.12.00 as a cluster node on OES servers
(we are about to move our network over to Suse 11 servers with the new OES, should we just re-do iPrint then, if we have to?)