Cannot Add Role to Printer Access Control

I am trying to manage a printer and Add a User Role to the Access Control and the pop up window that provides the list of objects to select only shows up for a second and then dissappears.

I have pop ups disabled and it still does not work.

Thanks in advance.

  • Turns out that the pop up window is using https (secure communications) and I need to fix my certificate in tomcat4.

    Here was my solution:

    First, I needed to find the degree of my the problem by using the NetStorage utilities and running through the steps in TID 10100945 "NetStorage Service Not Available Diagnosis". I started having problems on Step 2, but the info there didn't help much further.

    To help with the issue above, I used the Novell Cool Solution "Solving the iManager 'Service Not Available' Message" to recreate the cacerts file for tomcat4 along with TID 10099838, "Unable to access NetStorage management components after applying" to stop apache and tomcat4, then start apache and tomcat4.

    The iManager iPrint pop up began staying up with the list of objects to select.

    Hope this helps others.