Create iPrint Printers From a CSV File

over 8 years ago
The Create Printers From CSV script was designed to allow administrators to be able to create iPrint printers quickly by using a CSV file instead of iManager.

Step #1 - Install and download the latest version of the Create Printers From CSV script utility.

    Note: Create Printers From CSV script supports OES 2 and 11.

    1. Download create-printers-from-csv-1.0.tgz

  1. Open a Terminal window and type “su”.

  • Enter root’s password.

  • Extract the script from the tarball.

    #tar –xzvf create-printers-from-csv-1.0.tgz

  • cd to the Printer-Import folder.

    #cd Printer-Import

  • Make the script executable.

    #chmod 755

Step #2 - Create a CSV file with your favorite spreadsheet application.

  1. Open up the Printer-Import.csv file.

  • Add printers to the file as shown in the example CSV file.

    The Columns must be in the following order:

  • Printer Name

  • DNS or IP of Printer

  • The container of where the printer should be created

  • The location of the printer

  • The description of the printer

  • Save the file as .csv (comma-delimited).

  • Copy the saved CSV file to the same location of the script (should still be found in the Printer-Import folder on the server).

Step #3 - Run the Create Printers From CSV Script utility.

  1. On the terminal run the script to start the import process


  • When the script is executed it will ask the remaining questions to make the import is successful.

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