iPrint Driver Migration script

over 8 years ago
The iPrint Driver Migration script is designed to use a NetWare repository and convert that repository one OS platform at a time into a format that the Linux Driver Store can understand. The script will then upload those drivers automatically into the Driver Store without using iManager.

Step #1 - Install and download the latest version of the iPrint Driver Migration script utility.

    Note: iPrint Driver Migration script supports OES 2 and 11.

    1. Download https://www.novell.com/communities/media/iprint-driver-migration-2.0.tgz

  1. Open a Terminal window and type “su”.

  • Enter root’s password.

  • Extract the script from the tarball.

    #tar –xzvf iprint-driver-migration-2.0.tgz

  • cd to the iPrint-Driver-Migration folder.

    #cd /iPrint-Driver-Migration

  • Make the script executable.

    #chmod 755 iPrint-Driver-Migration-2.0.sh

Step #2 - Copy over the resdir (drivers folder) directory from the NetWare server.

  1. Access the Sys:\ndps directory on the NetWare server using the Novell Client for Windows

  • Copy the resdir directoy over to the OES 2 or OES 11 server.

    Note: Make note of the location that you copied the resdir to.

Step #3 - Run the iPrint Driver Migration script utility.

  1. On the terminal run the iPrint-Driver-Migration-2.0.sh script to start the driver upload process.

    Note: This example assumes that the resdir directory was copied to the /tmp directory.

    #./iPrint-Driver-Migration-2.0.sh -f /tmp/resdir/ENGLISH/Prndrv/

  • When the script is executed it will ask the remaining questions to make the driver upload a success.

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