iPrint 4.2 Beta Program

4 months ago

We announced Open Enterprise Server 2018 SP3 Beta Program a while ago.

As you may already know, we created a single source for building iPrint Appliance and iPrint Advanced (formerly known as iPrint for OES) with the iPrint 4.1/OES 2018 SP2 release. 

We will now run the iPrint 4.2 beta program and ship same new features/enhancements as with the iPrint Advanced on OES 2018 SP3. We are conducting the first beta spotlight call on Thursday, the 11th.

Please complete the short survey here to sign up for the program and get access to the content.

Key Highlights of iPrint 4.2 (and iPrint Advanced):

  • Azure Active Directory Integration
    • Azure AD as an Identity source - no directory synchronisation required
    • ACL management for users or groups in Azure AD
    • Secure iPrint access to Azure AD users
    • Audit Azure AD users’ print jobs
  • Secure iPrint communication with TLS 1.2


We request your participation in the program to help improve the quality of the release by test-driving the beta code.

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