New master OES server OES2015 dns dhcp


This weekend I am going to setup a new OES2015 in the tree and want to make it our new master server.
I want your advice about how I am going to work:

Currently master server OES03 with OES11SP1. -> designated primary
Install a new server OES04 with OES2015:

Add the new OES04 server as designated primary via the dns / dhcp console.
Then all the other servers with DNS in my tree will get the changes from the new OES04 instead of OES03.
Am I right?

Export dhcp service OES03 via export dns /dhcp
Remove the pools and failover peers out of the dhcp.conf export file
Create a new service for OES04 with a new name.
Import the static hosts via the import functionallity.
I am right?

Decomssion home volume on OES03 and commission on OES04.


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