Upgrade of OES11sp2 XEN VM


Running SLES11sp3 with OES11sp2 as a XEN virtual machine on a SUSE12 server. This VM server is my main DNS and DHCP server.

I have created FTP on the host server (SUSE12) and copied the upgrade software for SLES11sp4 and OES 2015sp1 onto the server
and the FTP:// works correctly.

I then run "vm-install" and try the "I need to upgrade the existing operating system". The system seems to get to about 75% and
then fails at the point "Sending DHCP request to Eth0" (mmmh, it is not going to get an answer cos it is the DHCP server that is being upgraded)

My other VM's upgraded perfectly so now I am a bit stuck...

Any help in this regard will be appreciated.
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  • Oh, i didn't read thoroughly. This is XEN. I threw a 1 hour look at XEN more than 15 years ago, considered it unsuitable for professional use, went away and never looked back. The linuxrc parameters i've mentioned are normally used e.g. at the initial screen when booting from CD / DVD / ISO / whatsoever. Looking at the command line options of "vm-install" i see an "--os-settings" option which apparently allows to specify a linuxrc info file containing the parameters. But this is just a (not even educated) guess, hopefully someone with knowledge of XEN will jump in.
    Another dirty quickshot could be to simply setup a bogus DHCP server handing out the desired address to the VM...
  • Hi John,

    when I did this a few weeks ago during a OES2015->OES2018 upgrade, I
    used (all on one line):

    upgrade=1 hostname=fully-qualified.domain.name \

    upgrade=1: Force upgrade mode of the installer (to avoid mistakes)
    hostname=: a correct FQDN here is useful in my experience
    ifcfg=: Specify network params
    eth0: interface to use (can also be a MAC address) IP of host to upgrade
    16: netmask gateway DNS server(s) (for DSfW upgrades I recommend to use a DSfW
    DNS server)
    domain.name: DNS (search) domain name(s)

    I specified it using "New Virtual Machine" of virt-manager (look closely
    on each screen, the text field is easy to overlook). Looking at the
    man-page of vm-install I believe -x/--extra-args would be the option to
    use (possibly with some extra quoting I guess).


    Am 2019-01-03 um 14:14 schrieb John Gill:
    > Thank you. I am not sure where I add this command. *dns2:/
    > #*vm-install netsetup=hostip hostip= netmask=
    > gateway=
    > My secondary DNS server (also a VM and upgraded successfully yesterday)
    > is available but not the DHCP service.

  • mmmh, after much hacking around, I eventually got a "text-based blue box" where I could complete the FTP info and then the upgrade went thru.

    Oh well, welcom to OES 2015 ... so far all is good, but watch this space.